Dragon has suddenly started giving me an error message: ‘SendKeys Cancelled’, how can I fix this?

Adobe Acrobat Reader X is not playing well with Dragon NaturallySpeaking v11 & Dragon Medical v10.1 these days.  If you have recently started receiving this error message, it was most likely caused by the recent Adobe patch.  Basically, you have two options: 1.  Open Adobe Acrobat Reader X, go to the Help menu, select [Check for…


Dragon Medical Enterprise v10.1 is not functioning properly on my 64bit OS?

Question:  I have a 64bit operating system with Dragon Medical v10.1 installed but I don’t have all of the functionality that I should have.  What’s wrong?Dragon Medical Enterprise v10.1 released a software patch for 64bit users.  If you are experiencing issues, you most likely have Dragon Medical Enterprise v10.1 Build 272.  You need to update…


During a firmware update, I lost power and now my DVR seems broken, how can I fix this?

If you are performing a firmware update on an Olympus digital voice recorder and experience an unexpected power-loss or computer failure, the digital voice recorder will appear broken.The firmware update can communicate with the device even when the device has a firmware problem.  Run the firmware update again to fix the problem.Verification Source: Digaulle Elhaje, Olympus Product Manager

During installation of Philips SpeechExec Pro software on a Vista machine, I recieve a Windows Installer Error 2738

Error 2738 may occur in Windows Vista when a custom install action is required by the SpeechExec software installation and VBScript is not registered. Try this.. Start Button > All Programs > Accessories Right-click onCommand Prompt” SelectRun as Administrator” Type cd and press ENTER Type cd  C:WindowsSystem32 and press ENTER Type regsvr32  vbscript.dll and press…


During the installation of Philips SpeechExec Pro v5 software, the .NET 2.0 Hotfix appears to have failed, help?

When installing the Philips SpeechExec Pro v5 software on a Windows 2000 or XP machine, you may recieve an error message that the installation of the .NET 2.0 HotFix KB932491 has failed. This happens when a .NET 2.0 service pack has been previously installed on the PC via Microsoft updates and already includes a hotfix.Just…


Help, dictations being sent via email through the Philips SpeechExec MobileServer are not being received in the users email folder as configured.

Synopsis: I’ve added a user to my MobileServer. I initially set the user up to email when completing, however; the dictations never arrive to his email but the app says Sending was successful. I changed the users account to transmit to a folder rather than email and it came in just fine. So there is…