Question: After a fresh install of Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical 10.1 will not let me run in elevated mode. How do I get it to run?
This can occur on Server 2008, Windows 7 and Vista


“Dragon NaturallySpeaking should not be run in elevated mode error message
When attempting to launch Dragon NaturallySpeaking on Microsoft Windows Vista, the following error message may appear:
“Dragon NaturallySpeaking should not be run in elevated mode”
Clicking theClose” button on the dialog box will close the error, but Dragon NaturallySpeaking will not launch.
This problem is caused by the user being logged into the computer as the local Administrator account on the system.
This message also occurs whenUser Account Control” is enabled in Microsoft Windows Vista andRun as Administrator” is selected fornatspeak.exe”.Run as Administrator” is not active by default, requiring the user to turn on this setting. This elevated privilege level is not needed to run Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
It is not possible to run Dragon NaturallySpeaking when logged in as the local Administrator account on Windows Vista. We recommend creating a new user account on the system that is part of the Administrators group and running Dragon under this new user.
If a local Administrator account is not being used, please use the following steps to turn off theRun as Administrator” setting:

  1. Click theStart” button.
  2. ClickComputer”.
  3. Double-click theLocal Disk C:” drive.
  4. Double-click theProgram Files” folder.
  5. Double-click theNuance” folder.
  6. Double-click the installation folder (either theNaturallySpeaking9″,NaturallySpeaking10″, orNaturallySpeaking11″ folder).
  7. Double-click theProgram” folder.
  8. Right-clicknatspeak.exe”.
  9. SelectProperties”.
  10. Click theCompatibility” tab.
  11. Clear the check mark fromRun as Administrator”.
  12. ClickOK”.
Source: Nuance Knowledge Base