Features of Dragon Professional vs Dragon Preferred (Premium)

Like most of you, I am constantly asked, “Why should I purchase Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional over the Preferred (Premium) version of Dragon?” To help, below is a list of features that are not included in the Preferred (Premium) version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. These are key features only available in the Professional edition of Dragon speech-to-text…


What file formats will work in Philips SpeechExec for MAC?

As of today, December 28, 2012, the Philips SpeechExec for Mac v1.0.4 is compatible with .DS2 file formats.  To insure compatibility, make sure your Philips Digital Pocket Memo’s are set to record in QP/DSS Pro Mode. IMPORTANT: If the suggested resolution above did not resolve your issue, please contact your Dealer (where you purchased the…


What file-editing options are available in the Olympus DS-4000 digital voice recorder?

Question: What file-editing options are available in the Olympus DS-4000 digital voice recorder? The DS-4000 applies a number of functions found in Olympus Professional Dictation Devices. One of these functions is the ability to edit previously recorded files in the recorder. The value of this feature is to enable a dictator to edit an audio…


What happens if I'm offline (LAN) while using a Roaming Profile for speech recognition?

Scenario: You have configured your Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate or Transcribe v7 software to use speech recognition, and you’ve selected Roaming Profile.Question: What happens if you are OFF of the Network and no longer have access to the Roaming Dragon Profile? Answer: If you are off the network at the time of transcribing, the Roaming user…


What happens when using the speech recognition capabilities with roaming users selected and you lose your network connection?

For speech recognition capabilities, Philips follows how Dragon works in this situation, which is: Dragon will cache the user profile locally, therefore; if you lose your network connection, Dragon Medical v10.1 will use that ‘cached profile’ until the network connection has been restored. Verification Source: Rob Johnson, Philips Product Manager & Val Matthews, Nuance Sales Engineer