Synopsis: I’ve added a user to my MobileServer. I initially set the user up to email when completing, however; the dictations never arrive to his email but the app says Sending was successful. I changed the users account to transmit to a folder rather than email and it came in just fine. So there is an issue with it not transmitting through email. The statistics and status page show that he dictated and sent but the files never come through.

Solution: The first thing you want to verify is that the dictations are not automatically being routed to the user’s spam/junk folder.

If the above solution didn’t work, the issue is most likely caused by your email server.  Keep in mind, the Mobile Server only supports SMTP Servers via port 25 and 587 (only under certain conditions which are unknown to me) not via 465.

If the customer does not have or employ their own SMTP Server using Port 25, there are several SMTP relay services out there that work. You can Google for ‘SMTP Relay Services’ comes to mind…I have tried it and it works.

 What is SMTP Relay? –

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Verification Source:  Rick Maxwell & Jackie Warren, Philips Support Rep.
Test Date: 12.4.12