What Can You Do With a Dictation Productivity Package?


Benefits of the CES Productivity Package

Certified eSupport (CES) offers a number of technical support and service packages, covering everything from quick installations to new user setup and training. We focus on dictation, transcription, and speech recognition solutions for organizations of any size.

In this article, we’re going to show you just how much we can do for your office with a Productivity Package. Before we get started, let’s look at what’s included.

Installation, Configuration, and Training

Need a Dragon® dictation tutorial? Want to set up a transcription workflow? When you sign up for a Productivity Package, you get:

  • Workstation hardware/software installation and configuration
  • 3 virtual training sessions, to make sure you know how to use your speech-to-text solutions effectively
  • Optimization of your computer and your dictation software, to help things run faster with fewer errors
  • 1 hour of custom service, to be used for any other speech solution needs

Please note that all services listed are single-user/single-workstation, and can include training on enterprise dictation software (if requested). If you need additional service, or require assistance with installing and configuring an enterprise product, we’d be happy to suggest the right solution for you.

Technical Support

A Productivity Package also includes one year of unlimited support—to cover any technical issues that might come up. This means that any time you experience unexpected errors while dictating, transcribing, or using speech recognition, you can depend on Certified eSupport to provide a resolution.

Please note that Productivity Package support is for one user, and does include enterprise solutions. You also have the option to use your extra hour of service for support of as many people as you need. If you’d like to purchase annual technical support for additional employees, check out our Support Me services.

Now, let’s look at what you can accomplish with a Certified eSuppport Productivity Package.

Ready to Get Started?

We'll install and configure your speech solutions, provide 3 training sessions, and more!

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Install Multiple Solutions

Let’s say that you purchased a Philips® DPM8000 voice recorder, along with SpeechExec Pro 10 and Dragon Legal Individual 15 speech recognition. With a Productivity Package, our team will install and configure all of these speech solutions for you. Within hours, you’ll be able to record on your DPM, dock it in a cradle, and have your files automatically transcribed.

There are a number of ways to pair speech solutions together, and with a Productivity Package, a Certified eSupport professional technician will install and configure them for your workflow.

*Please remember that all enterprise-class installations and configurations, such as Philips SpeechExec Enterprise and Olympus Workgroup require additional professional services.

Configure Every Solution

All of the speech solutions that we support are configurable. Whether there’s a specific recording format you want to use, a folder that needs to be on the network, or a hotkey that needs to be added to Dragon, we can do it.

With the purchase of a Productivity Package, we will ask you about your preferences for each speech solution, make some suggestions, and then perform the setup. As long as you have time left in your service agreement, we’ll also do this for any member of your team.

Common configurations include:

  • Recorder setup
  • Network file sharing
  • Automatic email
  • Background voice recognition
  • Device and file security
  • Microphone programming
  • Roaming profiles

Set Up a Workflow

One of the great benefits of the Productivity Package is that we set up your personal dictation workflow. There are a number of options to consider, including:

  • Routing from a smartphone to a transcriptionist
  • Automatic file transfer over the network or email
  • Conditional routing to specific transcriptionists
  • Automatic speech recognition of dictations
  • Networked input and output directories paired with speech recognition
  • FTP transfer from mobile or desktop applications

Whether you need just one of these workflows, or some combination of options, we’ve got you covered. We can even configure your solutions to let you choose between workflows.

Target Training

If someone else in your office needs training too, we can facilitate that! If a team member is having significant difficulty adapting to your new dictation system, we’ll focus on what they need to accomplish, and ensure that they know how to use their speech tools accordingly.

For some, this may mean comprehensive beginner training, while others may only need help with a few functions. Please note that this training uses the hour of custom service included in the Productivity Package.

Reinforcement Training

Maybe it’s been six months since your initial training and you need a refresher. No problem. We’ll consult with you on what items need to be on the agenda, and then schedule another session to perform the training.

A reinforcement training session can be cut to fit, and isn’t necessarily restricted to an individual format. We can review dictation, transcription, or speech recognition functionality with you, your office manager, a product champion, or anyone else who needs it—so long as you have custom service time remaining.

Train Your Team

We can implement a number of speech solutions for you and your team—but if no one knows how to use them, you aren’t seeing a return on your investment. Why not use your custom hour of service to provide training for your office?

Depending on the size of the office, workflow, and time available, we work with you to organize the training session(s) in the way that makes the most sense, tailoring our instruction to cover whatever is most beneficial for you and your office.

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