Philips DPM8000 digital voice recorder

Why Upgrade Your Philips Recorder?

The new Philips DPM8000 has truly set a new benchmark in digital voice recording.  Shining bright like a diamond, the 8000 includes everything we loved about the 9600, plus much more.  Below is a list of our favorite new features and enhancements found in the Philips DPM8000 Digital Pocket Memo.

We’ve spiced this blog up a bit by making it interactive.  Selecting the hyper-linked titles below will automatically launch some classy feature videos by Speech Processing Solutions.


3D Microphone System

Philips DPM8000 digital voice recorder microphone

If you were to disassemble the 8000, inside; you would see two microphones.  On the top left side, there’s an Omni-directional microphone that offers 360 degree sound pick up, perfect for recording conferences and meetings.  On the top right side, there is a Uni-directional noise cancelling microphone, which has been optimized for voice and speech recognition.  Covering the microphones, there is a new Hexagon grill pattern that maximizes the airflow which produces better recording results.  This new 3D Microphone system seriously delivers amazing recording results for any type of recording situation.  After taking this bad boy apart and running it through the ringer, it’s easy to see why it achieved a perfect 6 Dragon Score by Nuance Communications, Inc.   Personally, I’ve given it a 7 High Five Score.


Extended Battery Life

Philips DPM8000 digital voice recorder battery

Not only does the new 8000 Digital Pocket Memo sport a High Capacity, 3.7 V | 1000 mAh, Li-ion Battery but it also has two integrated sensors to ensure extended battery life.  The Ambient Light Sensor automatically adjusts the brightest of the display, where the Motion Sensor will switch it into Standby mode when the device is set down.  When picked backed up, the device automatically returns to a full operational state in less than 1 second.  It only takes 3 hours to provide a complete charge and can last for 200 days in low power standby mode.  If needed, additional batteries can be purchased but I have a feeling, you’re not going to need one.


Micro USB Connector

Philips DPM8000 USB cable

Micro USB Connectors have replaced the outdated Mini-B USB Connectors found in the 9600 DPMs.  The result, my heart now smiles.  This simple enhancement ensures dictations will download 2.5X faster than before by utilizing data transfer speeds of 6.75MB/s.  That’s great but I’m a gadget guy, therefore; I appreciate this change on a completely new level because this means that I can now use the same cord for my Android Galaxy Note II, My Plantronics Bluetooth Headset and now my Philips DPM8000 Digital Pocket Memo.  I’ve also tested charging with the Blackberry charger (yes, some people still have Blackberry’s)… it worked like a charm.  Thank you Speech Processing Solutions for our making our lives a little easier.


Enhanced Docking Station

Philips DPM8000 voice recorder docking station

The Enhanced Docking Station packed on a little weight to provide greater stability.  Unlike my waistline, this is a welcomed enhancement as it helps prevent movement while docking your Digital Pocket Memo.  Super-fast battery charging and increased transfer speed will surely make this cradle more appealing to professional users.  As if that weren’t enough, it’s also Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) Resistant.  But wait… there’s more.  It features an analog port for Hands-Free operation.  Simply connecting a Philips LFH-2210 Foot Pedal will allow users to control the device without… you guessed it… their hands.  Hands-Free can be configured for Authors or Typists operation.


Integrated Motion Sensor

Philips DPM8000 voice recorder motion sensor

In addition to improving battery life, the motion sensor automatically selects the proper microphone based on the position of the recorder. Set the DPM down, it automatically switches to the Omni-directional microphone.  Pick it up, BOOM the Uni-directional microphone will be activated.  Icons on the display will show you which mode is being used.  If the 8000 slide switch is in the Stop position, the sensor will place the device in standby mode when set down.  Pick it and the device is returned to full operational mode in less than 1 second.  If you’re the type that hates extended battery life and optimal recording, you’ll be happy to know the sensors can be deactivated through the SpeechExec Pro software.


Large Color Display

Philips DPM8000 voice recorder color display

This feature deserves a little extra attention, because it’s extra special.  The 2.4 inch, TFT Color, 320 x 240 Resolution LCD has put the DPM8000 Digital Pocket Memo into the HD realm.  Users will now experience sharp images with a crystal clear user interface optimized for intuitive operation.  In other words, it looks real real nice and is very easy to read, even in the daylight.


Ergonomic Slide Switch

Philips DPM8000 voice recorder slide switch

A new Quick Response Slide Switch was added to make it easier to operate with one hand.  I was lucky enough to see the Speech Processing Solutions lab, where the DPM was tested with over 3 million cycles.  They actually turned off the testing machines because it just wouldn’t break, very impressive.  What makes it so durable you ask?  The new slide switch operates using a light sensor signal, making it wear-free and extremely durable.


Improved Durability

Philips DPM8000 digital voice recorder

A full metal body was great for the 9600 DPM, but this is the 8000 Digital Pocket Memo we’re talking about.  The 8000 consists of a Stainless Steel, Scratch Resistant shell.  This robust and highly durable casing guarantees you’re device can take a licking and keep on ticking.  As the LCD is generally the most sensitive part of a digital recorder, the screen was given a double coat of screen protection.  As a repair technician, I also appreciate that they switched from the 8 Philips screws format in the 9600 to 12 Hexagon screws format in the 8000, keeping it held tightly together.  This is what I call a great situation.


Integrated Barcode Scanner

Philips DPM8000 digital voice recorder - Integrated Barcode Scanner

For the first time ever, Philips Speech Processing Solutions integrated a Barcode Scanner directly into the device.  Available on the DPM8500 model, the days of dealing with a detachable barcode module are over.  I know my Medical and Legal users will welcome this enhancement with open arms.  The integrated scanner is compatible with the 11 most common barcodes used today.   The 8500 Digital Pocket Memo allows users to easily scan code, which automatically attaches to their recorded audio.  Did I mention that you can even scan directly from a monitor?  Supported Barcodes:

UPC-A | UPC-E | EAN-8 | EAN-13 | Code 128 | GS1-28 | ISBT 128 | Code 39 | Interleaved 2 of 5 | Inverse 1D | GS1 Databar


High Data Security

Philips DPM8000 digital voice recorder in cradle

Device security has been around for a couple of years now but not like this.  The DPM8000 now supports individual PIN codes for multiple users.  Technically, up to 40 users can use a single device, each with their own PIN code.  The Metadata can now be easily transferred to the SD card, which will automatically set the appropriate information on the device.  A Device PIN and PUK can also be set to further increase security.  If you’re a secret agent reading this blog, you’ll be happy to know that Real-time encryption is also included.  The 8000 uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES or Rijndael Algorithm) with a key length of 256 bits to ensure your dictations are keep confidential.


Classic Mode

Philips DPM8000 digital voice recorder in classic mode

One of my favorite new features is the Classic Mode.  The Classic Mode changes the display of the DPM8000 to appear as if it’s an old school analog device.  Something so simple yet so brilliant as it’s the perfect solution for analog users that have been hesitant to make the transition to digital because of fear of complication.  The classic mode provides the look and feel of an analog device while providing the advantages of digital technology.  Good thing there is a double protective layer on the LCD, otherwise; some users would break the screen trying to eject their tape.


Other Notable Enhancements

3 Smart Buttons

Three interactive smart buttons make the device more intuitive and easy to operate.

Custom Lists

Custom Lists can be uploaded to the device, attaching important demographic information to the audio file. This is a must have for our Legal, Medical and Insurance users.

Custom Logo

You can now upload a custom logo to appear on the device when powered on.  Very cool!

Recessed Power Switch

Prevents accidental recorders, where now the device won’t accidentally be turned on when putting on your pocket or lab coat.

Recessed SD Card Slot

Prevents format or file issues with a recessed SD card slot.  No more accidentally popping out your memory card.

Enlarged Larger Speaker

A bigger, built-in, round dynamic, 28mm speaker provides crisps and clear playback.

Diagnosis File

A diagnosis file can easily be written to the memory card if you experience an issue with your hardware.  This diagnosis file will help us determine the cause of the issue and provide a quicker resolution.

Tri-Color LED

A multi-color LED on the top of the device provides users with clear status information, without having to navigate through the menu.

Additional Recording Modes

Kind of a big deal here – Record in .DSS, .DS2, .MP3 and .PCM (Mono & Stereo) formats.

WLAN adapter

An optional accessory is the Wireless LAN Docking Station, which allows users to upload dictations directly to an FTP site without a computer.  You can connect 9600 & 8000 docking station directly to the wireless adapter using the USB port.

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