A Standard Dragon Installation

Installing the Dragon speech-to-text application is a multi-part process. It’s possible to make an incorrect selection, forget a step, or encounter some unexpected challenges during installation. We’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’re going to talk about what you can expect when you call on Certified eSupport (CES) to install Dragon speech recognition software on one or more of your computers. We’ll be going into significant detail here, so that you can see how much insight and expertise a CES technician brings to your Dragon software installation.

Why Certified eSupport?

Our technicians perform Dragon installations on a regular basis, and have seen many of the unique problems that can come up during or after the install is complete. We know what to expect and how to keep you from running into common problems down the road.

An Experienced Team

CES installs Dragon, in various environments and configurations, on a daily basis. We know how the process flows, and how to manage it when something doesn’t go exactly as planned.

A Complete Install

We make sure to cover all of the bases involved with a Dragon install—beyond simply running the installation disc. This helps prevent future issues and sets you up for success.

A Fully Updated Solution

Once initial installation is complete, we’ll also install any updates available. This saves you from having to figure that out later down the line.

A Properly Installed Product

We make sure that Dragon is installed according to vendor specifications, and that any environment-specific factors are addressed. This allows Dragon to function properly, and helps you get the best speech recognition experience.

We Are Remote Technicians

In general, installations are performed using remote streaming software. Please check with your IT team to ensure that we have access to connect and make changes on your computer.

If you’re interested in on-site services, please contact us for more details.


Versions and Editions Covered

There are several different versions and editions of Dragon we install and configure for our customers—some of which require different operations or procedures. In light of that fact, let’s define the scope of this article.

Dragon For Windows

The services described in this article only refer to Dragon for Windows installations. The sole reason for that is that Dragon for Mac is a different application with different installation requirements.

Suffice it to say that Dragon for Mac installations are simpler than Dragon for Windows, though many of the operations listed in this article will apply.

Dragon Applications Covered

Here are the Dragon versions and editions that this article applies to:

  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional/Legal v12-13
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium v12-13
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home v12-13
  • Dragon Professional/Legal Individual v14
  • Dragon Professional/Legal Group v14
  • Dragon Professional/Legal Individual v15
  • Dragon Professional/Legal Group v15
  • Dragon Medical v10
  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition v1-2

Products Updates and Upgrades

A Dragon update is free and applies to the version you currently have installed. An upgrade allows you to move from an earlier version to a newer one, and should be purchased from a Dragon reseller.

In a few cases, you can also purchase an upgrade from a less advanced edition of Dragon to a more advanced one. This usually involves moving to a new version as well.


When CES installs Dragon on your computer, we’ll also install any updates available for that particular version/edition. For example, many healthcare professionals upgrading to Windows 10 will want to have the latest version of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 installed, the touted 2.3 service pack.


Installing Dragon upgrades can be tricky sometimes, because they require a validation of your previous Dragon version/edition. Many of our clients no longer have those old versions of Dragon installed.

We have experience with these scenarios, and will ensure that the Dragon upgrade is validated and installed. We’ll also bring forward any existing Dragon profiles.

A Note on Dragon Group

Because Dragon Professional and Legal Group can pair with the Nuance Management Center (NMC), the installation may vary slightly. Once we perform the installation, if you are using the NMC, we will enter the server information to connect your account. This account needs to be set up by an administrator beforehand.

Configuration and management services for the NMC are not part of a standard install, but can be added as time permits. Please consult our professional services page for more information.


Checking System Requirements

Before we begin the installation process, we’re going to review your system specs, to make sure that your version of Dragon is supported within your environment.

Operating System

Each version of Dragon supports specific Windows operating systems. We will verify that yours is supported before installing. If it is not, we can discuss how to proceed at that time. Some environments may require that you purchase an upgraded version of Dragon.

CPU And Memory

We’ll compare your workstation’s chipset, clock speed, and RAM to Nuance’s minimum system requirements for Dragon. If we discover that your computer doesn’t meet these specs, we’ll discuss how this could change your speech recognition experience, and offer some possible solutions.


Legacy Versions and Hardware

Before installation, we’re also going to check whether you have a previous version of Dragon, and talk about which audio source(s) you plan on using.

Previous Versions

If you do have an older version of Dragon installed, and you have purchased an upgrade license for a newer version, we’ll check to make sure that it’s valid for the upgrade. If not, we can make recommendations at that time.

If the older version of Dragon is no longer installed, but is valid for your upgrade, we’ll provide assistance to make sure the new upgrade recognizes you as an upgrade user.

If you have purchased a full license, rather than an upgrade, and you have an older version of Dragon installed, we will uninstall that version for you.

Profile Migration

If you have legacy profiles that you prefer to use, so long as they are valid to transfer from one version/edition to the next, we can upgrade those for use in your new Dragon installation.

Please note that the profile must be in good working order, and should open in the legacy version of Dragon without issue.

If the profile does not open, we can still access any custom templates or commands you have created, and will import them to a new profile on your new version of Dragon.

Audio Source Verification

We’ll have a discussion about which dictation device(s) you plan on using with Dragon, and then verify that they’re on hand. When setting up your profile, we’ll add these as sources for use with speech recognition.


Ready To Install?

We’ve got more to show you, but if you already want to get started, click below to purchase a Support Me membership. This service includes one hour of installation and configuration, and one year of technical support. Please note that advanced installations will require a purchase of additional professional services. See “Advanced Installation” below.

Get Dragon Support



Let’s talk about what you can expect during the actual installation process.

From A Disc

If you have an installation disc and an optical drive, we’ll install Dragon using that method.

From A Download

If you don’t have a Dragon installation disc, or your computer doesn’t have an optical drive, we can install from a digital download of your software. Please note that the download file size is large and will take approximately one hour to complete, depending on your internet download speed.

This download must be complete before the installation session can proceed.

Download and Install Updates

After the initial installation is finished, we’ll download and install any updates available for your version of Dragon. These are usually smaller files which can be downloaded during the installation session.


Antivirus Exclusions

If you have antivirus software on your computer, after installing Dragon, we will attempt to add any Nuance-recommended exclusions. This is to ensure that your Dragon application can run without interference. Naturally, if you don’t use antivirus software, we’ll skip this process.

If Possible

Your antivirus application may or may not allow you to add certain exclusions. We will attempt to add all of the Dragon exclusions that your software supports.

If Not Possible

Some antivirus software is locked down, because it requires authentication or is managed by your IT department. If, in a timely manner, we can get the authentication needed, or your IT team can assist, we will add the exclusions during the installation session.

If we can’t get access to your antivirus administrative functions during the session, we can provide you with a list of exclusions—to be added by you or your IT department at a later time.


Security Permissions

Just like antivirus exclusions, security permissions need to be set properly to allow Dragon to function normally. After installation, we will set these permissions if possible. If administrative access is required, and can be provided in a timely manner, we will perform these configurations during our session.

If the necessary access cannot be provided, we will supply you with a list of these required security permissions.


Profile Setup

Once Dragon is installed, we will set up your individual voice profile. You may have an existing profile we need to add, or we might be creating a new one for you.

To learn more about profiles, click here.

New Profile Creation

Creating a new profile is pretty simple; Dragon has a wizard to assist in this process. We’ll work with you to make the appropriate selections for sources, vocabularies, accents, and more.

Additionally, we can set up your profile to be stored using one of two methods.


A local profile is stored on your computer, and only exists on that one computer. It can be exported to other workstations, but is not automatically available in those locations. Each computer with a local profile stands on its own; no customizations, commands, or voice data are shared.


A roaming profile is stored on the network, and is available to any computer with a Dragon installation that is pointing to that network location. If you have a supported infrastructure, as well as a version of Dragon that features roaming, we’ll be happy to set that up for you.

With roaming, your voice profile is stored in one location, but available in multiple locations. All of your Dragon data are available at each roaming workstation.

Please note that some editions of Dragon do not support this feature.


If you have a profile from an earlier installation of Dragon, so long as it’s valid to be upgraded and in good working order, we’ll run the profile upgrade wizard for you. Because this is a time-intensive process, we may elect to initiate the upgrade as a final step of the installation session.


If you have an existing profile for this version and edition of Dragon, and you just need it brought over to your new workstation and imported, we will be happy to include that in the installation process.



During the profile creation/import/upgrade process, we’ll make sure your profile has the appropriate microphone(s) selected, as well as any other audio sources you plan on using.

Microphone Support Software

If you have a microphone that requires support software to allow it to work with Dragon, we’ll install the latest supported version of that application during the installation session.


If your microphone has upgradeable firmware available, we’ll upgrade your device, time permitting. Alternatively, we may provide you with access and instructions on how to perform the upgrade.

Please note, some devices may not be eligible for firmware upgrades.

Mic Check/Recorder Training

During the microphone setup process, we’ll help you perform the quick audio check required to add a source to your profile.

If you have a digital audio recorder source attached to your profile, we’ll walk you through the process for reading the training file and importing it. Time permitting, we will finish this during our session; otherwise, we will leave you with instructions on what to read and how to import your training file.

Button Programming

We will make sure the record button is set up to control the Dragon microphone, and is configured for the specific behavior you prefer.

If we have time available in our session, we can certainly program addition buttons for you, or show you how to access and configure the controls yourself.


Miscellaneous Configuration

Optimization Schedule

During profile creation, we will help you set a time when your Dragon profile can optimize, helping increase your speech recognition accuracy. If needed, we’ll adjust your computer sleep settings as well.

Data Collection

Generally speaking, we always turn data collection off for you, ensuring that no anonymous data is sent to Nuance.


Final Check

Once installation and setup is complete, we’ll perform a few final checks, to make sure you’re able to use Dragon after our session.


Does it open, save, backup, close, and reopen successfully?


Does the Dragon mic turn on and off, either using a programmable button or by clicking the microphone icon?

DragonBar Display

Does the DragonBar look the way you want it to?


Advanced Installation

Here are some of the other scenarios where you may need installation services. Please note that these are not part of a standard Dragon installation and will require the appropriate services. We offer a free consultation, if you’d like to get more information.


If you are using Dragon with Remote Desktop Services, Citrix, or VMware, this is considered a virtual environment, and requires more time to install and configure correctly.

Server Installation

If you need Dragon installed on a server, whether as part of a virtualization strategy, or for other workflow-related reasons, there are usually multiple users and additional operations involved.

Multiple Installations

If you want Dragon installed on multiple computers, this just simply takes longer. Be sure to purchase enough time to cover the number of workstations that require Dragon installation.

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