Does ODMS Support Outlook 2016?


Using ODMS to Email Dictations

The Olympus® Dictation Module has the ability to send dictations using an email account. Once this feature has been configured, an author can record an audio file, dock his recorder, have the files download automatically, and then send automatically (via email) to a transcriptionist.


Please note that there is no email functionality in DSS Player for Mac, the Apple version of this software.

  • ODMS R6.4 Patch 0009
  • Windows® 7, 8, 10


Outlook 2016 Support

ODMS does support using Microsoft® Outlook® 2016 to send emails (as described above). There are some caveats:

  1. You must have version 6.4 installed. If you have ODMS R6.x, you can get updated for free.
  2. You must also have Patch 0009 for R6.4 installed. This patch is available from your Olympus reseller.

You can check if you have these by opening ODMS and clicking on Help > About Dictation Module. For information about Outlook 365 support, see this article.

*Update: ODMS R6.4 Patch 0016 is now available for download. This patch includes the ODMS R6.4 Patch 0009 functionality mentioned above.

Outlook 2013 Support

Olympus also supports Outlook 2013 email functionality. You must be running ODMS R6.2 or higher.

Verification Date and Source

09/2013 and 04/2016, Olympus Technical Support

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