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Windows 10 Is Brand New…

And in the world of software, that can lead to gaps in support. Because applications are generally released to work with the operating systems in common use at the time, a new OS can create disruption—and we’re not talking about the industry-changing innovation touted by thought leaders and corporate visionaries.

For instance, at one time, Windows 8.1 was a brand-new flavor of the Windows 8 operating system. It was just a point release, an update from Windows 8.0. Yet, with that small move, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 was no longer officially supported by Nuance. Thankfully, that is no longer an issue.


What To Do?

Hold tight. Stick to your Windows 7 / Windows 8 environments. Subscribe to our RSS feed. Follow us on Twitter. We’ll let you know when specific dictation, transcription, and speech recognition applications are certified to work with Windows 10. That includes professional offerings from Philips SPS, Olympus, and Nuance.

When you see these announcements, you can begin to consider making the switch. If you migrate to Windows 10 before then, you run the risk of wasting a lot of time, creating a lot of frustration, and running into technical problems. Your programs could lose functionality, produce strange errors, or not work at all.

There’s no need to rush headlong into this upgrade. Avert thine eyes from the Windows 10 notification icon for now. You’ll be glad you did.