Olympus DS-7000 digital voice recorder

Why Update My Voice Recorder Firmware?

Simply put, firmware is the code that controls your digital audio recorder—and most other digital hardware, for that matter. It’s important that you have the latest version, so that your dictation device operates at peak performance.

Which Version of the Firmware Do I Have?

Here’s how to check the version of firmware you’re running on your Olympus® DS7000 voice recorder.

  1. Press the OK/MENU button.
  2. Track right until you get to the Device Menu.
  3. Tap down to System Information.
  4. In the middle, Version indicates what firmware your device is running.


Where Do I Get the Latest Firmware?

We’ve got you covered. Click here for our Olympus firmware resources. Be sure to click “Olympus” on the left, and then look under the section entitled “Olympus Firmware” to find your device. Of course, you can also use the hotkey [CTRL + F] to open up the find window in your browser.

Just click the link and download the firmware to your Windows computer. You’ll need to decompress a zipped file—but most computers these days have the software needed to do that.

Update: As of May 2017, the latest firmware version available for the DS-7000 is v2.01. You can download it directly here.


Ok, How Do I Install It?

  1. Once you’ve downloaded the firmware and unzipped the file, plug in your DS-7000. Be sure to plug it directly into your computer. Do not dock it in the cradle for this process.
  2. Open up the firmware folder and find the application called Win_DS7000_DSP_v201_FwUp.exe.
  3. Double click the application and select Run. A window may pop up asking you to plug in the DS-7000 (which you should have already done). Give it a moment.
  4. Another window will pop up showing your current firmware and the new version you’re going to load. Click the Start button. Do not unplug the recorder. Allow the progress bar to complete.
  5. The window will then read “The firmware has been successfully updated to version X.XX.”
  6. Click Finish.
  7. Unplug the DS-7000. See, wasn’t that simple?


Special Note

You can use this procedure to update the firmware for the Olympus DS-3500 and DS-5000 series as well. Just make sure to download the correct file from our Olympus resource center.

Get Help With Your DS-7000

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