Installing the Olympus Transcription Kit

In this article, we’re going to review the procedures you can expect a technician from Certified eSupport to perform when installing and configuring the Olympus® AS-7000 Transcription Kit for you. This kit comprises three different tools to help you receive, organize, listen to, and transcribe dictations:

  • Transcription Module software
  • RS-31 footswitch
  • Audio headset

Installation Services for the Olympus AS-7000 Transcription Kit

Note that most of the installation activities we describe focus on the Transcription Module application, since that’s the centerpiece of the kit. This transcription software is designed to work with the Dictation Module, which is the author-side application in what is known as the Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS).

Both the Transcription Module and the Dictation Module are often referred to as “ODMS,” with either the modifier “TM” for transcription, or “DM” for dictation.


Why Use Certified eSupport?

Our team has decades of combined technical experience, with Olympus specialists equipped to handle both minor and major IT challenges. We provide the expertise you need to use your transcription software effectively.

Our goal is for you to have the best possible experience, and to deliver an immediate return on your transcription investment. As a member of Certified eSupport, you’ll have the very best technical services available to you, allowing you to devote more time to finishing dictations.


What Technical Services Do I Need?

Here are three of the professional services agreements you might choose from for a standard Olympus AS-7000 Transcription Kit installation.

Support Me

This package includes one hour of custom services, as well as one year of technical support. In our experience, there will likely be enough time to install and configure the Transcription Module, and then perform a brief training.

Support Me

Assist Me

This package is like a Support Me, but does not include the year of technical support.

Assist Me

For Further Training

If you purchase either of these packages, and then find you need more training, you can purchase another Assist Me, or upgrade to a Train Me membership.

Train Me


What Do These Services Cover?

For an Olympus AS-7000 setup, we can install and customize the application on one or more computers, so long as you have time left. Training is available within that time limit, as well.

For service agreements with year-long support, you will need to select someone to be your Olympus support contact. If you want more than one person from your office to be able to call us, you have the option to sign up for additional Support Me memberships.



Take note that the Olympus Transcription Module is a Windows® application, and all of the procedures below are specifically referring to ODMS for Windows.

There is an Olympus application for the Mac®, but its feature set differs in some important ways. If you want help installing the Olympus DSS Player for Mac, a Support Me or Assist Me would still be the best support agreements to purchase.

Be advised that some of the features mentioned in this article may not be available for the Mac application.

So, let’s talk about the details of your Windows transcription environment. The most up-to-date AS-7000 installations consist of:

  • Olympus Dictation Management System – Transcription Module R6.4
  • Olympus RS-31 Foot Switch
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10

In this ideal scenario, everything listed is supported by Olympus to work together. If you have an unsupported environment, we will install any free software updates available. In some cases, you may need to purchase newer software and/or a newer foot switch.

Please note that we can’t update your Windows operating system for you. Any software upgrades or new foot switches will need to be purchased from an Olympus reseller.


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Installing the Transcription Module

Here are the standard procedures we’ll perform when installing and configuring the Olympus Transcription Module. There are many additional features that can be customized, upon request.

  • Install the Olympus Transcription Module software
  • Download and install any free updates and patches
  • Simplify the Dictation Tree window
  • Configure notifications and updates
  • Set a default transcription application
  • Configure playback preferences (as needed)

Configuring The Foot Switch

The RS-31 foot switch is simple to configure. Once we load the drivers, we’ll consult with you on the foot switch button functions, and make any changes you need.

Transcription Workflow

Most transcriptionists receive files through the ODMS Transcription Module in one of three ways: direct download, email, or network folders. We’ll consult with you on how you plan to transfer dictations over from the author, and then set up your software to support that workflow.

Direct Download

This means that the author is docking an Olympus recorder at your desk, and the files are uploaded directly into your ODMS Transcription Module software. This can be accomplished with a few simple configurations.


If you prefer to receive dictations via email, we’ll connect your existing account to the transcription application. If you don’t have an email account, we can help you set one up.* Once configured, the software will use that account to receive dictations from the author. These dictations can also be routed to different folders within the Transcription Module, as needed.

*Within the limits of time available on your service agreement, we will set up a free web mail account for you.


If you have a network where you share files, ODMS allows you to point your transcription folders to any shared folder on that network. We’ll configure the Transcription Module folders to look at the appropriate network locations, so that you can see all the work available.

Dragon Speech Recognition

For those of you using Dragon® speech recognition software, most versions/editions support the Olympus Transcription Module, but please check with your Olympus reseller beforehand. If your version of Dragon is supported, we’ll configure your software so that your files run through speech recognition automatically. Then, you can open the files, make your edits, and finish off the documents.


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