Using Encryption With Philips SpeechExec for Mac

If Encryption Is Not Optional

One of our customers was looking for a solution to the problem of encryption using a Philips® recorder and a Mac® computer. Now, you might not know why this is problematic; let me flesh out the scenario a little more.

First of all, encryption must be set up on a Windows computer with SpeechExec Pro software installed. You cannot fully enable encryption on the device using your Mac. In fact, SpeechExec for Mac has no encryption support whatsoever.

This means that you won’t be able to play your encrypted files on your Mac, even if you have the encryption key. SpeechExec for Mac simply has no way to decode the dictation.

Now, if you use DPMConnect for Mac, you should* be able to download your dictations and view them on your Mac—and in the SpeechExec for Mac application. But, if you attempt to play them, you won’t be prompted to enter any decryption password. Rather, you’ll hear the encrypted file as heavily scrambled audio.

Update 04/2017

  • With the release of SpeechExec for Mac v1.3.07, encryption playback is now supported. Download the update here.
  • DPMConnect for Mac now supports WAV and MP3 downloads in v1.5.01, available here.


A Workaround for Older Versions

In order to hear the files, you’ll need to play them on the recorder itself. Because they are encrypted on the device, this will work just fine.

Otherwise, you may download the files to your Mac and transfer them using whatever methodology you prefer: email, FTP, network folders. Just realize that downloading to a network location is the only way to transfer your files using SpeechExec for Mac. If you want email or FTP, you’ll have to set that up separately, outside of the application.

Your dictations remain encrypted until they reach someone with the encryption key.

*Review which devices and formats DPMConnect for Mac supports for download here.

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