USB Detection Problems with Philips SpeechMikes and Digital Pocket Memos

Philips SPS (Speech Processing Solutions) replied to reports of USB Detection Problems in the field where SpeechMike and Digital Pocket Memos users reported that devices would stop working with computers running Windows Operating Systems.  In a recent Partner Release Announcement, SPS commented “This is independent from the used USB device and from the Operating System.  From our experience, the reason is that Windows registry entries where the USB connection details are stored, get corrupted”.

Although this issue is reportedly caused by Windows, the SPS team went above and beyond by providing 2 Workarounds for users experiencing this problem.

Workaround 1:  In case a Philips dictation device stops working disconnect the device from the USB

port and reconnect it on a different USB port.

Workaround 2: If workaround 1 does not help we recommend using the freeware tool USBDeview by


With this tool you can uninstall and remove USB devices of Philips Speech Processing from supported Microsoft Windows operating systems.

The tool can be downloaded from following link:

32bit O/S:

64bit O/S:

ATTENTION: Speech Processing Solutions does not take any responsibility for using this tool.

Verification Source: SPS Partner Release Announcement for SpeechMike Firmware V2.15

Posting Date:
August 13, 2013