The Plantronics headset and USB Bluetooth adapter are paired to each other at the factory.  However, if you wish to pair the headset to your Bluetooth enabled smart phone or directly to your Bluetooth enabled computer, follow the steps below.

1. To put the headset into pairing mode, you must first power the headset off by pressing the call control button (illustrated below).  You will hear 4 descending beeps when the headset powers off.

2.  Once the headset is off, hold down the call control button for 4-6 seconds.

3. Release the button when the indicator lights on the headset begin to flash red and blue.

4.  The device is now in Pairing Mode.  You should be able to pair it with any Bluetooth enabled smart phone or PC.

NOTE: To pair the headset to the USB Bluetooth adapter, continue with the remaining steps.

5. To put the USB Bluetooth adapter into pairing mode, Pinch the pairing/connect button for at least 2 seconds until the adapter flashes red and blue and begin pairing with your Bluetooth headset.

6. When both USB adapter and headset are in pairing mode, and within 30 feet of each other, they should connect.

7. The USB adapter will show a solid blue light when connected to the headset.

NOTE: Be careful when manually pairing the USB adapter.  Do not press hard.  Pleasepinch with both fingers rather than push on the adapter to avoid damage to this sensitive little guy.

Verification Source:  Plantronics Savi Headset with Bluetooth USB Adapter User Guide

Verification Date
: 1.17.12