What is the default setting mode for the Philips® SpeechMike?

As of November 2014, the default setting for the Philips SpeechMike is Event mode. In order to use or transfer the device to Keyboard mode, the user will need to configure the device to operation in Keyboard mode through the Philips Device Control Center, also known as SpeechControl. Once the device has been switched to Keyboard mode, it can be used with Dragon® Medical Practice Edition and Dragon NaturallySpeaking with pre-programmed functionality.

Verification Source and Date

Digaulle Elhaje – Philips Product Manager, 11/2014

Major Update!

It is no longer necessary to put the Philips SpeechMike in Keyboard mode for use with Dragon Medical Practice Edition or Dragon Naturally Speaking software. The Application Control tab of Philips SpeechControl provides the ability to set button functionality in both of those programs.