Philips Microphone Won’t Record

Maybe you’ve just installed the Philips® Voice Recorder app for the first time—or maybe you’ve had to reinstall it. Whatever the situation, when you open the application and press the microphone button, you get nothing.

Why Is the Mic Not Working?

Your instinct might be to delete the app and reinstall it yet again. Resist that urge—it’s probably a waste of time.
This is a problem that’s unique to the iPhone®. In the midst all of its revolutionary innovation, Apple® decided that iOS® should have a Privacy module, which allows you to customize access to your personal information.
All-in-all, a difficult idea to criticize.
But, in this case, it does create a doozy of a problem. Thankfully, we have worked it out and would like to share the solution with you.

How to Fix the Mic

1. Open the “Settings” utility.
2. Tap the “Privacy” icon (pictured below).
3. Tap the red “Microphone” icon.
4. Find the Philips microphone logo—It should be called “Recorder.” Tap the slider on the right to change the “Microphone” privacy setting to green/on.
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5. Open the Philips Voice Recorder app and try speaking into the microphone again. You should now be seeing the volume indicator bar moving in the red area above the record button.

Need Help With the Philips Voice Recorder App?

Let one of our technicians assist you

Hopefully, the solution above was exactly what you needed to get back up and running. But if not, please feel free to check out our array of technical services by clicking the button below. We’d love to help you with any support, training, or customization you may need to make this work effectively for you and your environment.