Question:  Why do I get an error stating, ‘An audio device cannot be found’ when using my SpeechMike with the Win 7 Sound Recorder?


This issue is caused by the fact that Windows 7 does not query the device firmware on the SpeechMike II for supported recording sample rates each time the device is reconnected to the system.

This means that if a SpeechMike II device with older firmware had been connected to the same USB-port in the past, Windows 7 will assume that 16kHz is a supported sampling rate and will try to initialize the device with this setting instead of querying the device for the supported sampling rates as it should.

In situations where a SpeechMike II with FW v1.25 (and future FW versions) is connected to said USB-port, the error message above will appear.


1. Please navigate to your Windows Device Manager and browse toUniversal serial bus controllers”.
2. Right click the entry forUSB composite device” and selectUninstall from the menu.
3. Then unplug the SpeechMike and plug it into your USB-port again.
The driver will be reinstalled automatically and the SpeechMike should work fine again.


_Source:  Philips Support