Follow the 3 steps below to resolve this error message.

STEP 1: Update you Philips SpeechExec Transcribe to the latest v 7.1 Build 713 by follow the link below

STEP 2: Delete SpeechExec profile

1. Delete the user profile from the logged on user’s application data folder.  To do so: go to Start > Run and type in %appdata%, press [Enter]

2.  Locate the Philips Speech folder, double-click to open, and delete the entire SpeechExec folder.  This folder will recreate itself once the software reopens.

STEP 3: Delete Interop files

On your computer, perform a search for ‘Interop.SMXACTNLib‘ file and delete all entries found.

Restart your PC, and you should be good 2 go!

Verification Source: In-House Testing

Testing Date: 10.25.11