What is a Philips SpeechMike
Philips SpeechMike: Designed for single hand use, this device plugs directly into your USB port. The SpeechMike acts as a USB Microphone and offeres clients the ability to navigate their PC with an optical track ball. Thetrigger located on the bottom of the SpeechMike acts as your Enter key on your keyboard and the buttons to the left and right of the optical track ball offer the left and right click of your mouse. The SpeechMike offers easy to use dictation push buttons to record dictation and of course the speaker offers crystal clear sound for playback.
The design is lighweight and all options to control your Dictation, E-mail by voice and Internet browser are configured for single hand use. Many first time users no longer feel the need to use their keyboard. Philips SpeechMikes.. Enjoy Flexibility.