Philips will replace all broken USB Smart Keys but you’ll need to send us the old one for decommissioning.

We need to know the following before we can send you a replacement.

1. Is the Smart Key physically broken or is it not letting the program start?

2. What color is the barcode label on the USB Key?

3. What is printed on the top line of the barcode label (letters and numbers)?

4. Who should the replacement be sent to (contact name and address -no PO Box)?

5. What is the phone number for this location (required by FedEx)?

Please send this information to: [email protected]

Once we have this information, we will process this request, a replacement will be sent.  The replacement package will contain instructions on returning the broken Key.

 Verification Source: Steve Kemble, Philips Support Team

Test Date: 1.17.12