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Getting a SpeechLive Error

I get the error message “Unable to complete upload” when I send dictations to SpeechLive using my Philips® Dictation smartphone app.


  • iPhone®
  • Philips Dictation Recorder App v3.8


After upgrading to version 3.8 of the Philips Dictation Recorder app (for iPhone only), users may get an error when trying to send dictations to SpeechLive.
Philips Dictation Recorder App Error Message


In order to resolve the error, the user will have to disconnect and reconnect to SpeechLive:
1) Go into Settings > Forwarding.
2) Open SpeechLive Settings.
3) Disconnect from SpeechLive by removing the checkmark.
4) Remove and re-enter your SpeechLive login credentials. You will be automatically reconnected to SpeechLive.
5) Try resending the failed dictations. It should work just fine now.

Verification Source and Date

Philips Support Team, 04/2016

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