My Philips SpeechExec Local Work Folder Won’t Sync Automatically

Local Work Synchronization Issues

SpeechExec won’t prompt me to sync the files in my Local Work folder. Even though you can see the files in the folder, they won’t move to Finished Dictations.


  • Windows 7 or higher
  • SpeechExec Enterprise
  • SpeechExec Pro Dictate
  • SpeechExec Pro Transcribe
  • Networked Finished Dictations and Local Work folders



If your Local Work folder is on the network, and you are sharing files, you cannot automatically sync from one network location to another in SpeechExec. The Local Work folder is meant to hold your dictations on your computer until SpeechExec can connect to the networked Finished Dictations folder again.
Additionally, when you try to download a file and the Finished Dictations folder is not available, the file will download to your Local Work folder. If the Local Work folder is also pointing to a network resource and the network is unavailable, you will receive an error message and the file will not download at all.


You can manually move files from Local Work to Finished Dictations (when it is connected). But, we highly recommend moving Local Work to a folder location on your computer, rather than the network. As explained above, this is how Local Work was designed to be used.

Source and Verification Date

Certified eSupport, 11/2016

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