What are the key advantages when using the Digital Telephone Desktop 9850?
The DTD 9850 can be accessed and operated using virtually any commercially available touchtone telephone. Record dictations on the go
• Easy and secure call-in document creation
• The moment you hang up, your recordings can be automatically downloaded via USB to your transcriptionist´s computer, a FTP server or an e-mail account.
• Allows for central file storage, which increases security, ensuring that no files can be lost, damaged or accessed by unauthorized persons.
• Benefits for each target group – Business Owner, Author, Transcriptionist, IT-Administrator:
The Business Owner
• Free up time of key people – have others focusing on typing the report.
• Reduce turn around time – thus reduce cash collection time for finished reports.
• Increase speed of information flow into your org. – receive latest market/competitor/client/etc… info faster.
The Author
• Dictate by simply using a touch tone telephone
o DECT phone – mobility within an organization.
o Mobile phone – at clients or customers.
o In the car – while driving back from a meeting
o Office phone – in privacy at your desk
• Get your dictation transcribed & sent back by e-mail
o From a transcriptionist – working in house or @ home
o From a transcription service co. – with automatic file transfer to a transcription service (e-mail / FTP)
The Transcriptionist
• Expanded client base – no other input device than touch tone phone required.
• Clear author ID# identification – option can be set – (DTD 9850 Keyword 1)
• Clear work type identification – option can be set (DTD 9850 Keyword2)
The IT-Administrator
• No need to install software on all authors´ PCs – reduces support effort – no need to distribute update or maintain multiple configurations.
• Simple way to add telephone dictation input to the organization
• Data SECURITY: The report is always stored on the server – no files are left on aportable device.
• Access SECURITY & author control: The author is always clearly identified (option Keyword1)
• The work type code is clearly assigned to a report (option – DTD 9850 Keyword 2)