If you are experiencing an issue with your Philips SmarKey, the first thing we need to know, is the SmartKey physically broken?  If yes, CLICK HERE for instructions on getting it replaced.

If the key is not physically broken but you’re still having issues, in most cases, we can diagnose the issue by checking the LED light on the Smartkey.  The LED color is a visual indicator of the license state.

GREEN = Full License is on the SmartKey

YELLOW/ORANGE = Full License has been downloaded to a computer.  30-day crash recovery license available for temporary use

RED = Full License & 30-day license have been downloaded.  No licenses are on the Key. 

NO LIGHT = Static buildup (unplug for 20 minutes).  This could also indicate a physical failure where it has been bumped but not snapped off.

If the LED is Green but the software will not open, email: [email protected] to have Philips reset and/or replace the SmartKey for you.

If the LED is Yellow, Orange or Red, you will need to find the computer that the was transferred to and upload the license back onto the SmartKey. 

Verification Source: Steve Kemble, Philips Support

Test Date: 4.19.12