An error 301 indicates a corrupt or unusable file format of the multi-media card.  This could be caused by a defective MMC or by an unintentional format procedure resulting in another file system than FAT.  The error is independent of the firmware level.
Recommended Fix:
Switch on and connect the Digital Pocket Memo to the PC. Format the removable drive corresponding to the device’s MMC using Windows Explorer: File system FAT – NOTQuick Format”.  Detach the DPM from the PC.  Format the MMC again using the devices menu entry.  If the format procedure does not work properly in both steps, the memory card is defective.
One observed cause for error 301 was an unintended format of the device’s MMC when installing Windows on a new PC: all mass storage devices were formatted in NTSF.
Verification Source: In-house testing