How to Set Up Network Access in SpeechExec Pro Dictate 5.1

Using Network Folders in SpeechExec

This set-up guide walks you through the process of how setup network access in Philips® SpeechExec Pro Dictate V5.1.

STEP 1: Select Folders From Worklist

In SpeechExec Pro Dictate, go to General Settings. Once the General Settings dialog box is open, go to Worklist > Folders. To the right of the selection, you will see the details for each folder. Click on a folder and you will see its properties in the box below the folder list.
Philips SpeechExec Pro Folder Settings window

STEP 2: Set Folder Path to the Network Destination

Select the folder that needs access to the network and click on its path properties. Click the picture of the file folder at the end of the (indicated below). Browse to the network destination and click [OK].
Connecting a folder to the network in Philips SpeechExec Pro