There are several variables that effect how long it takes for a file to send from your Smartphone.  Things like Internet speed, signal strength, dictation size, recording quality, etc. all effect the time it takes to transmit an audio file from your smartphone to the Philips Dictation Hub Server.

I’ve run some test that will help clarify transmission times and shed some light on expected file size.

I dictated using an iPhone 4 with the latest Philips Dictation Recorder App. V2.5.9. 

Audio Format: AAC

Audio Quality: Standard 11kHz

Cellular Carrier: AT&T using 3G

Dictation Length

Compression & Sending Time

File Size

10 minutes

30 seconds


25 minutes

2 minutes 30 seconds


60 minutes

7 minutes


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Verification Source:  In House testing

Test Date: 11.7.12