Question: How is thepush to talk” feature different in the SpeechMike Air III as compared to the SpeechMike Air II?
As you know the SpeechMike II product operates on the S/E Professional dictation s/w V5.0 Build 422 and, creating a new dictation or activating record mode required some key strokes. You will be happy to know this is no longer the process in the new software. One of new features of S/E ProR3 is the push to dictate function. In an environment whereas the R3 s/w & SpeechMike device is in use, this new feature will start a new recording and turn on a microphone when used with dragon, automatically. Previously in order to start a new recording in S/E Professional V5.0 Build 422 you would have to push the record button or the associated hot key.
*Note Push to talk or Push to Dictate is for dictation to occur ONLY when the Record Button is pressed. Only for Button models 3000 and 3005.
Verification Source: Philips