How to test for a defective security dongle


This ‘How to’ guide will walk you through the process of testing for a defective security dongle. The SpeechExec software using security dongle and/or smart keys as their license, you will need either a security dongle or smart key in order to open the SpeechExec software. Illustrated screen shots have been included for your convenience.

STEP 1: Attach the security dongle to any open USB port

1.  If the software opens, then your dongle is working just fine.

2.  If you receive an error message stating that a valid license could not be found, try unplugging the dongle and then plug it into another USB port. If you receive the error message again, there is a problem with either your USB port or your security dongle.

STEP 2: Test the security dongle

1.  Connect one suspected security dongle to an open USB port. Allow your PC to attempt to detect and install the dongle drivers.

2.  Run the attached HidDongle test tool.

3.  If the dongle is functioning correctly, the tool will display details about the connected dongle such as the information found on the dongle barcode label. The tool must display one of the followingtypes codes.