Question: How do I obtain a new site license if I switch servers?
Before Philips Enterprise, Philips would offer the option is creating a site license as needed. The site license created was tailored for the License Server the customer was using. Since site licenses can’t be transferred from one server to another, a new license file (site license) is required.
If you run into this issue, please follow the procedure below to obtain a new license file.
1. We will need the current .DAT file. The instructions attached will show you how to export this file
2. We will you to complete the SpeechExec License Exchange Form. Both the dealer and the customer will need to sign the form. The form will be attached.
3. We will need to know how the customer wishes to break down the licenses… i.e. how many S/E Dictate and how many S/E Transcribe
4. The customer will need to install the latest version of the Site License Server on the new target server. Email me for the software and installation instructions.
5. The customer will need to generate a license request from the new server
Once these steps have been completed, send the information to me. I will forward to Vienna to obtain the new license file (site license).