Format the memory card

Warning: When the memory card is formatted, all files stored on the Digital Pocket Memo will be lost, including all your recordings, and any other file that may have been copied to the memory card.

Follow the steps below to format your memory card

1. The 4-position slide switch must be in the STOP position.

2. Press the [MENU] button to open the menu.

3. Press the + or – buttons to highlight the [SETUP] menu item and press the [ENTER] smart button.

4. Press the + or _ buttons to highlight the [FORMAT MEMORY] menu item.

5. Press the [ENTER] smart button. The words DELETE ALL?? appear on the screen.

6. Press the [ENTER] smart button and the [OK] smart button to confirm the formatting of the memory card. Press the CANCEL smart button to exit the menu without deleting all files.

7. Press the [BACK] smart button twice to exit the menu.

Note: Formatting is not possible if the memory card is in read only mode.

Tip: To view card information eject the memory card and insert it back again. Card information such as size, remaining and total space will be displayed.

Verification Source: Page 16 of the Philips LFH-9600 DPM User Manual.