User-Defined Labels in SpeechExec Pro

This ‘How to’ guide will walk you through the process of configuring your DPM with user-defined labels within the Philips SpeechExec Version 7.  User-defined labels are an enhanced option for setting the behavior of a DPM. This option allows you to enter 0, 1 or 2 user-defined labels.  This will allow for a mandatory user input option.
Step 1:  Connect your DPM and open the SE Pro software.  Go to [Settings] > [General Settings].  Or just press Control +6.
Step2:  Once you have opened the General Settings panel, look at the topics on the left hand side and choose [DPM/DT Configuration]> [DPM Settings]. Look over to the right of the panel and you will see Start configuration.  Choose the DPM you have connected and click OK.
Step 3: This will bring up the DPM configuration panel.  Select Advanced.  To your right you will see the section for ‘Additional user-defined labels’. Choose how many labels you want.   Each label will fill a field when you download the audio files from your DPM.  In this case I have chosen to have one additional field.
Step 4: Click OK and you will get a confirmation that the user-defined option has been transferred to the DPM as shown in the example below.
Step 5: The next time you make a recording you will have the option to select ‘user defined’.  Once you select user defined on your DPM, you will have the option to put in numbers and/or letters so that you can add your own data to the field ‘Label 1 (DPM).  In the example below I add the names Smith, Jones and Simmons to the user-defined labels of the downloaded audio files.