Question:  How do I completely remove the Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate & Transcribe software and settings from PC?

uninstall all listed SpeechExec products

speechexec” folder

SpeechExecTempAttachments” folder

Philips Speech” folder

speechexec” folder


Philips Speech Processing Dictation Systems  

Philips Speech

SpeechExec” string


Philips Speech Shared“

Philips Speech” folder. This folder only exists for SpeechExec versions before V4.2

\Application Data”Philips Speech“” folder

SpeechExecLic.dll“” andSpeechExecLic.dat“” . These files do NOT exist in SpeechExec 5.0.

Philips Speech“” folder

SpeechExecSpcapi.dll“” and SpeechExecSpcapi.ini“” please remove them.

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