As of right now, you will have to process this update through your Add/Remove Programs feature in your Control Panel.

1. Exit the SpeechExec application completely by going to File > Exit.

2. Through the Windows Control Panel, go to Add/Remove Programs (XP) or Programs & Features (Windows 7).

3. Locate the SpeechExec application and select [Modify] or [Change].

4. When presented with the Trial or Demo key… replace it with the appropriate full base installation key.

5. Complete the ‘Modify’ or ‘Change’ process.

6. Launch SpeechExec Pro

NOTE: If you want to activate Speech Recognition, enter it through the [Help] menu once the SpeechExec Pro has opened successfully.

* This process will be simplified with the release of v7.1.

Verification Source:  Steve Kemble, Philips Technical Support

Test Date: 10.6.11