How to Fix the Philips SpeechExec Error: "The Specified Store Provider Cannot Be Found"

Fixing Philips SpeechExec Errors

When starting Philips® SpeechExec 8.x, the following error occurs: “The specified store provider cannot be found in the configuration, or is not valid.”

Cause of the Problem

The reason for this is that during the SpeechExec installation, the SQL compact msi install failed.

Resolve the Problem

Run the SQL compact edition manually – then see if any error occurs there. This message appears when SQL is not installed correctly.

Scenario A

If the client operating system is x86 (32-bit), run the following msi installer:

Scenario B

If the client OS is x64 (64-bit), run the following msi installers in this order:

Scenario C

If that doesn’t solve the issue, please run a repair installation for SQL Compact x86 and then x64, even if it’s a x64 OS!

Software Affected

SpeechExec Dictate 8.x
SpeechExec Transcribe 8.x
SpeechExec Pro Dictate 8.x
SpeechExec Pro Transcribe 8.x

Operating Systems

Windows® 7/8/10

Verification Source and Date

Philips Support Team, 06/2015