Currently, Philips SpeechExec (all versions) does not support Windows 8 functionality. A current issue with SpeechExec software, installed on Windows 8, is that it can´t detect the connected DPM3 Devices. Philips did release a hotfix patch that will allow DPMs and SpeechExec Pro and non Pro v7.1 b714 to work on a Windows 8 installation. This hotfix is meant for the below recorders and software though it does not have official support and should be taken as is. You can download the hotfix on our FTP site. Once you download it, extract (unzip) the DPM Hotfix for Windows 8 File and double-click on DPMControl.msi for installation.


LFH 9600, LFH9620, LFH9520, LFH9500, LFH9380, LFH9370, LFH9375, LFH0955


SpeechExec7 and SpeechExec7 Pro Version 7.1(b714.1.0)

Operating System

Windows 8 only

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Verification Source: Steve Kemble, Philips Service/Support

Test Date: 12-13-12