I Can’t Download WAV or MP3 Dictations With Philips DPMConnect for Mac

Downloading With DPMConnect for Mac

When I record in MP3/WAV formats and connect my Philips DPM recorder to my Mac, the DMPConnect software displays “Downloaded: 0 Files.” My files won’t download.


  • DMPConnect for Mac (any version)
  • Supported Mac OS X
  • Any supported Philips recorder



DPMConnect for Mac does not support MP3 or WAV files. See this article for more information.


DPMConnect for Mac v1.5.01 now supports MP3 and WAV audio formats.


The easiest way to address this issue is to update your software; see the “Update” section of our “Summary” above. You can also change the recording format of the DPM to DSS/DS2.
If neither of these options are viable, here are the steps to manually copy your files from the Philips voice recorder to the desired folder.
1) Open the “Philips” drive icon on your Mac desktop.
philips recorder drive icon on Mac
2) Select your dictations and drag them into a folder on your computer.
Philips drive Finder window

Source and Verification Date

Certified eSupport and Philips Support, 10/2016

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