Can I Transfer My Philips Dictation Hub Account to Someone Else?

Transferring Dictation Hub Licenses

I need to transfer my Philips Dictation Hub account to another person, so that they can use the smartphone app. Is this possible?


  • iPhone and iOS devices
  • Android smartphones and devices
  • Blackberry smartphones
  • Philips Dictation Recorder App



In short, this is not possible. You cannot take a license assigned to an existing user and give it to a new user.
Some changes can be made on a case by case basis, depending on Philips Dictation Hub restrictions, that essentially “transfer” a license’s remaining time to another user. That user would need to have an existing Dictation Hub license that was up for renewal.
Please note that a time transfer is not always available.


Have the new user purchase a new Philips Dictation Hub license from their Philips reseller.

Source and Verification Date

Philips Technical Support, 10/2016

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