Yes, you can configure a network shared General Dictation Folder in Philips SpeechExec Pro Transcribe v7.1 to show all other author’s folders if all authors are storing their dictations on a network shared folder. In this example we will show you how to achieve this.

Step 1 Create a General Dictations Folder

    1. In the Philips Speech Exec Pro Transcribe v7.1 software Folders section, right click anywhere in the white area and selectNew General folder” as illustrated below.


Step 2 Configure General Dictations Folder

1. Name the folder anything applicable to your workflow such asAll Dictations orGeneral Dictations, point the path to the network shared folder location of the author’s dictations and selectOK as illustrated below.


Step 3 Confirm Folder Visibility

    1. Select the folder that was created and expand the view to show the subfolders. In this example we named it General Dictations as illustrated below.


Congratulations! You are done! Now you can see all authors’ dictations on a network shared folder that are not assigned to you. Kick the tires and give it a spin!

Verification Source: In-house testing

Test Date: 03-22-12