Yes, you can set the Philips SpeechMike III in a ‘SpeechMike II compatibility-mode’. Customers of dictation systems with legacy SpeechMike II integrations reported issues when they could not use the SpeechMike III in their system. Upgrading the system to a later version, which had the SpeechMike III integration on board was very often no option. To overcome this problem you can use the ‘SpeechMike II compatibility-mode’ (short SM2 mode). The Philips SpeechMike III must have firmware version 1.15 which can be found in our FTP site. Please follow the below steps to take advantage of this feature and switch between modes.

Setting the SpeechMike III into SM2 mode

Press the SpeechMike function keys F1 + F3 simultaneously for approximately 5 seconds. Note the F2 LED (for SM2 mode) will light up and the SpeechMike will beep. The SpeechMike disconnects from USB and reconnects as SpeechMike II to the PC.

Setting the SpeechMike III back to SM3 mode

To switch the SpeechMike back to SM3 mode do the same steps again. Press the SpeechMike function keys F1 + F3 simultaneously for approximately 5 seconds. In this case the F3 LED will light up to show that the SpeechMike is in SM3 mode.




  • In SM 2 mode firmware upgrades are not possible.
  • No button configuration is possible in SM2 mode (neither with SpeechControl, nor with Philips Remote device Manager, or via the SDK interface). You have to switch the SpeechMike back to SM3 mode to configure the SpeechMike buttons. Changed configurations will be taken over into SM2 mode.
  • To support some SpeechMike II button functions likeCommand, or theF4 (this means the button sends aCommand orF4 event) the SpeechMike III has to be configured in SM3 mode.
  • SpeechControl will not show a SpeechMike III picture when the SpeechMike is in SM 2 mode. It shows a SM 2 picture instead.
  • The SpeechMike configuration wizard in SpeechExec Pro Dictate will also show the wrong picture and will not be able to configure the device.

Congratulations! You are done! Now your SpeechMike III will have the ability to switch to ‘SpeechMike II compatibility-mode’. Kick the tires and give it a spin!

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Verification Source: In-house testing

Test Date: 09-18-12