Synopsis:  While importing a license file into the Philips SpeechExec Mobile Server V2.1.08, an error reading license message is displayed stating, “Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.”

Solution: This can happen for two reasons, the license file is in the wrong location or the license file is corrupt.
1. As stated above, this error can be the result of the license file being saved to the wrong location.  Make sure you save both license files (.dat & .sig) to C:Program DataMobileServer


2. If both licenses are saved to the C:Program DataMobileServer directory, then the license itself if most likely corrupt.  If that’s the case, please export the machine fingerprint again through the Mobile Server Config Application and resubmit it to Philips for a new license file.
Verification Source:  In-house testing in eDist Lab on a 64bit server running Server 2008 R2
Test Date: 7.23.12