Philips Dictation Limits on Your Smartphone


Incoming Dictations

The Philips Dictation Hub does not have file size or dictation length restrictions for incoming files from iPhones, Androids, or Blackberry smartphones.
Although the Philips Dictation Hub does not have restrictions, your web server, email provider, or email application may. Therefore, we recommend checking with your IT department to determine your restriction policies.  If you tend to have long dictations, we recommend configuring your web server to allow a single upload of 25MB, to avoid any delivery issues.

Outgoing Dictations

That addresses incoming restrictions, but what about outgoing?
Once the compressed file hits the Philips Dictation Hub, it sends out the audio files as attachments to the selected recipient. If the file is over 10MB, the audio file will be split into separate email deliveries.
If you do not want the system to send separate dictation email files for audio files larger than 10MB, we recommend using the on-premise Philips MobileServer solution.

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Rick Maxwell, Philips Speech Processing Solutions Support Rep.

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