We have a group of users using the Philips® Mobile Server v2.20 in conjunction with SpeechExec Enterprise v4.6 and Dragon® NaturallySpeaking v13. They are using their smartphones with the Philips Dictation Recorder app as their primary dictation source.



Is there is any way to automate the process of having the audio files sent to the speech recognition queue within SpeechExec Enterprise Dictate v4.5?



You can start the offline queue automatically when new files are added to the queue; however, you cannot automatically add dictations to the SR queue in SEE Dictate or SpeechExec Pro Dictate. Only files downloaded from a DPM can be added to the queue. This has already been submitted as a possible change request to development.


As an alternative solution, you could install SEE Transcribe in place of SEE Dictate on these author’s workstations. As long as the files are going into a main “finished dictations” folder for the author (with no subfolders) you could have the dictations automatically added to the queue.


To do this, go to General Settings > Recognition & Adaptation > Speech Recognition Queue configuration, and check the box next to Automatically add the newly incoming dictations files of the below specified directory to the offline speech recognition queue. Be sure to set the directory to the folder where you are sending the dictations.

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SPS Helpdesk Ticket #: SUP-124554, 04/2015