STEP 1: Add New User to Active Directory Security Group

1. On your domain server, Open Active Directory by going to [Start] > [Run] type ‘dsa.msc’ then press [OK] to open Active Directory Users & Computers.

2. Select the Organization Unit containing your SpeechExec Enterprise Security Groups.

3. [Right-click] on the appropriate security group and select [Properties].

4. Select the [Members] tab then [Add] to add the new user to the group.

Note: Authors will be added to the SEE Author group & Typists will be added to the SEE Typist group. 

STEP 2: Import New License

You’ll need to import the new license into the Philips SpeechExec Enterprise Manager console to accommodate the new user.  If you have a sufficient amount of licenses available, skip this step. 

1.  Open the Philips SpeechExec Enterprise Manager then select [License Administration].

2.  The License Manager will open, select [License] > [Import License File].

3.  A Browse window will open, locate the new license file (.seelic) then select [Open] to import your new SpeechExec Enterprise license.

4.  Select [Server] > [Exit] to save your changes and return to the Enterprise Manager console.

STEP 3: Add user to Enterprise Group

1. Open the Philips SpeechExec Enterprise Manager then select [System Administration].

2.  The System Configuration Center will open, under the Groups section, select your master group.   Once your group has been select, select [Create User] > [Create New Users from AD groups].

3.  You will be prompted to specify the role for the new user.   Make your selection then press [OK].

4.   The Create new users from AD groups dialog window will appear.  Select your new user, then [Create Users].

5.  You have now added a new user to the mix.  The new user will inherit all group settings previously made.

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Verification Source:  In-house testing

Test Date: 9.4.12