Does the Philips® SpeechExec Enterprise v4.6 software support the Olympus® DS-7000 recorder within Windows® Terminal Services?



Unfortunately, the DS-7000 recorder is not supported by Philips’ client extensions (aka the DPM Mounter Service). The only option may be to modify the user’s SpeechExec Enterprise configuration profile to connect to the Olympus recorder using a mapped drive. Only specific Philips Digital Pocket Memo recorders are supported by Philips’ DPM Mounter Service extensions. All other devices must use the “mapped drive” option.



1) Do not install the SpeechExec Enterprise patches on the client machine, where the hardware is connected.

2) You need to install the correct WTS client-side extensions:

  • PhilipsSpeechDriversSetup.exe for a 32-bit workstation
  • PhilipsSpeechDriversSetup64.exe for a 64-bit workstation


Verification Source and Date

Rick Maxwell – Philips Support Team, 06/2015