Philips is compatible with the Olympus DS-5000 digital voice recorder.  Our testing has shown it will also work with the Olympus DS-5000iD digital voice recorder.  The Philips application will fully recognize these devices and automatically download and route as configured. 

The Philips SpeechExec software will display the Olympus DS-5000 as a third-party device but will recognize Author ID’s and Worktypes set on the Olympus recorders.

Further testing has shown that the Olympus DS-5000IT digital voice recorder is not supported.  The Philips software will recognize the device but will not incorporate features like WorkTypes and Author IDs.

Although the Philips SpeechExec software plays very well with others, I recommend pairing it with one of the Philips Digital Pocket Memo’s.  They are packed with features and work flawlessly with the Philips SpeechExec software suite.

 Verification Source:  Extensive in-house testing

Test Date: 5.8.12