Yes, but at this time, it requires 2 solutions and 4 steps.  I’ll break it down for you.


iPhone: In order to record and send audio files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you will need to download the Philips Recorder App (Free) then purchase the Philips SpeechExec Mobile Server ($99.00 per year).

Mac: In order to play the audio files from our iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you will need to purchase the Olympus DSS Player v7 software because Philips does not have MAC compatible dictation or transcription software at this time.

Once you have purchased and installed the software(s) mentioned above, you will have to follow the steps below:


1.  Dictate into iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch then Press Mark as Final and Send

2. Open your email and save the audio file to your Mac

3.  Open the Olympus DSS Player, Import the audio file

4.  Once imported, Convert the file to .AIFF format

Until either Philips releases a Mac compatible software module or Olympus creates an iPhone app, this is your best bet.

Verification Source:  In-house Testing

Verification Date
: 12.21.11