Question: Will my RS-27 foot pedal work with Release 4 software?
Yes. It will with 4.10.2 and 4.10.3
Sold a DS-40 recorder and an RS-27 foot pedal for a doctor and was having problems because the RS-27 was not working. Many times Olympus hardware is not backward compatible however in this situation we have a winner. RS-27 foot pedal will work with the Olympus Release 4 software.
He was trying to use the foot pedal with the Version 7 software. Then it did not work. RS-27 does not work with version 7
Use the R4 software for the DS-40 and the RS-27. Uninstall the V7 software and throw away the CD.
Moral of the story: Always go with the professional software if you have a choice.