Question: When using the Olympus DSS Player Pro Release 5, can you export your hardware & software settings from one PC to another?
Yes, with the Olympus DSS Player Pro Release 5, you can export both your software & hardware settings from one computer to another.
How to export hardware settings:
You must have the Device Customization Program installed, it can be found on the installation CD. Go to Start > All Programs > Olympus Manager Tool > Device Customization Program.
The Device Customization Program will open, configure your Olympus digital voice recorder as you see fit, then select Export.

How to export software settings:
You will have to grab the profile from the PC that has Olympus configured. You will find the program by going to C:Documents and Settings[user name]Application DataOlympusDSSPlayerProR5.
There, you will find three XML files, these are your profiles files. Grab the one with your user name. Note: if you have a different login name on the second computer, you will need to rename this XML file to match the destination PC.
Themailrecv” XML file contains information regarding any audio files you’ve sent through the DSS Player Pro software. ThePreference” XML file contains settings regarding changes made to the look and feel of your software. Copy this file if you have resized windows, etc.