The Limiters and Compressors can selectively apply enhancements to reduce clipping and improve sound recording. These enhancements are automatically applied when using the automatic sound levels, so setting the levels manually gives you more control over the final recording quality. 

Limiters and compressors can be adjusted using the Rec Level menu option in the Manual Rec Level settings.

  • Limiter 1/Compressor 1 – Select these settings to contrast high and low sounds. This option is suitable for music recording. With these settings, you can capture a lingering sound but not the attack sound.
  • Limiter 2/Compressor 2 – Select these settings to equalize the sound. This option is suitable for voice recordings. Your recording will have a consistent sound level and a sense of integrity. With these settings, you can capture an attack sound but not the lingering sound.

In Multi-Track recording, you can apply the limiters and compressors and other settings selectively for each track, to essentially engineer each track selectively in the recorder itself. It is recommended to run tests with each of the limiters and compressors to determine the effectiveness of each as applied to your recording scenarios.

Verification Source:  Olympus America Website

Test Date: 5.10.12